Once your gorgeous and glamorous lashes have been applied, you need to take care of them — and that may mean making a few small changes to your routine…..

  1. First and foremost, if your eyelash extensions are exposed to water, heat or steam in the first 24 hours after application the adhesive won’t be able to cure fully and all the time (and money!) you spent on having your beautiful lashes applied will be for naught. Forget the sauna or steam room for a day or two and have a bath instead of a shower.
  2. If you rub your eyes with a towel or cloth or sleep face down on a pillow you can pull your eyelash extensions off – yikes! – so definitely to be avoided.
  3. Be very careful about which beauty products you use on your face while you have lash extensions. As much as you love your liquid liner, for example, be aware that your love of liner could affect your new look.  Oil-based make-up products are not recommended for use around the eyes since they too can ruin the adhesive bond between your natural lashes and the extensions.  Instead, choose non-oily products to use near to your lash extensions, and remove make-up with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Avoid using mascara  – you wont need it.  Embrace the freedom! IMG_8408
  4. Resist the temptation to tweak or play with your eyelash extensions.  If an extension looks out of place, avoid twisting it or attempting to pull it off — as you may pull out your natural lash instead! Instead, simply use a disposable mascara brush to brush the lashes back into place.  Da-dah!
  5. Last but not least, despite the very best in aftercare, your beloved lash extensions won’t last forever -  :(  Sob, sob…..!  – but for approximately the length of your natural lash cycle, so up to 6 weeks before the last one falls off. To maintain your desired look, you should anticipate having your lashes infilled and tidied every two to four weeks.  The frequency of infill depends on your own natural lash cycle, and the fullness you prefer to maintain, but if you leave it any longer than 4 weeks (or 3 for a half set) too many lashes will have been lost and you will need to start again with a new set.
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