And now for the men!….

beard-1 beard pic - harry potterMary Portas tells us that over half of UK men grew a beard or a moustache in 2015. Whilst manufacturers of beard oil and trimmers have no doubt been laughing all the way to the bank, this could be either good or bad news for other halves – if you are not a fan, the two cities to avoid are apparently Cardiff and Birmingham, where an astonishing/alarming (delete as applicable) 62% of men sport either one or both.  Er, um – perhaps we should stay in London?

Whilst most men can switch from happily hirsute to clean shaven in the facial department with just a razor and a steady hand, the removal of unwanted or inconvenient male body hair can demand a different approach, a sympathetic ear and some professional expertise – all readily available, we’re pleased to say, at Lara Wax, the new, bespoke waxing service at the Lara Lashes salon in Clapham Junction. Our fabulous and fuzz-free female clients are already waxing lyrical about these super new services, so we think it’s time to spread the word too to any unhappily hairy men out there – we are here to help and yes, waxing works wonderfully!

lycon male

Our wax comes in two different forms, enabling our expert wax therapists to recommend the best choice for each client, depending upon the area to be waxed, the stubbornness of the hair growth and client preference:

Lycon Hot Wax - formulated for use at a lower temperature than conventional waxes, so hot on hair removal but not on the skin!

Strip Wax – applied in super-thin strips, leaving no sticky residue behind – just smooth, hair-free skin.

Our male waxing services include eyebrow, underarm, full arm, full leg, back, back and shoulder and chest hair removal – all but the Full Monty, which we leave to other experts!

If you or your man would like to make an enquiry or a booking, please send an email to or go to our website at

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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