Beautiful Brown Lashes!

Introducing a lighter look for Spring and Summer….


For a walk on the subtler side during the sunny season, why not give brown eyelash extensions a try?

brown lashes 2

For a nod to springtime or a wink to high summer
For come-hither romance behind a misty cloud of tulle
For bewitching peepers under Ascot hats
For floral summer dresses and sandaled feet
For hot, hectic city streets
For long, languorous weekends
For dressed-down beach days
For bare-faced lashes-only days
For barbecues and walks in the park
For sundowners and ice cream
For bronzed, sun-bleached beach babes
For strawberry blondes and pale English roses
For a soft sweep of lashes on sun-kissed skin
For a lighter, more natural look this summer ……


Lara Lashes brown eyelash extensions available now for both regular and super volume sets.

Just request brown lashes when booking! 

Book now! 

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