Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

… and of course in the eyes of the one beheld, so when you invest in beautiful eyelash extensions it’s worth also spending a little time on your eye health and hygiene.

We know you wouldn’t go to bed at night without cleaning your teeth and removing your make-up, but your eyelash extensions crave an itsy bit of attention too, and sadly they often miss out!  If you don’t usually wear eye make-up, cleaning your lashes two or three times a week will be perfect, but if eye shadow and eyeliner are part of your daily maquillage you really need to clean your lashes every night. This sounds more trouble than it is – just add a small extra step to your normal bedtime routine and voila! your lovely lash extensions will be super clean, super grateful and super gorgeous.

It’s also worth knowing and noting that regular cleansing along the eyelash line will help you to avoid the risk of eyelid inflammation or blepharitis – eeek! – which can occasionally happen when eyelash follicles become blocked by dead skin cells or bacteria. Telltale signs include white flakes on or between the lashes, crusting on the eyelids, swollen eyes, burning, itchiness and redness. Left untreated, blepharitis can sometimes make the natural lashes thinner and sparser – hardly ideal – so best (and so easy) to be aware and take care!





To clean your lids and lashes… you can use either a very mild, soapy wash such as baby shampoo, or a product specifically designed for eyelash extensions.

Lara Lashes Boutique sells two great products – Bubble Foam Cleanser (£8.50), which doubles up as a foaming face wash, and Lip and Eye Make-up Remover (£8.50).

Whichever product you choose, do make sure that you clean between the lashes all the way down to the eyelid– using a clean cotton bud is easiest – so your eyelash roots are beautifully clean and free of make-up. When removing eye liner and eye shadow, always use gentle side and upward movements to take any make-up residue up and away from the lashes. Job done! Image result for SMILEY WITH HALO

With your lush, clean and lovely and eyelash extensions in place you shouldn’t need to wear mascara – why gild the lily? – but if you would like to add a little extra oomph in the run up to your next infill appointment be sure to use a mascara specially made for eyelash extensions, such as Max 2 Special Gold Mascara (£12.00) and – very important! – an oil-free eye make-up remover.

Look after your lovely lashes and you will be rewarded with clear, sparkling eyes and luxuriant and longer-lasting eyelash extensions.

If you have any questions at all, on this or anything else, do ask any of the Lara Lashes team – we are always happy to help!

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