With the help of an expert Eyelash Extension Stylist, eyelash extensions can subtly enhance your beauty, add a little drama (or a lot), and at the same time bestow a delicious mix of glamour and confidence.

In addition to this – pow! – never ever underestimate the power of the brow.  Perfectly shaped and sculpted eyebrows will frame your beautiful eyes and enhance your facial features in just the same way as a well-chosen picture frame complements a Rembrandt.  Take Elizabeth Hurley, whose reshaped eyebrows transformed her appearance.

Elizabeth Hurley
Before & After Eyebrow Transformation

Get these things right and you will really see the difference – promise.  Same face, same features, but the new, polished, enhanced version. You, only better!

Taking things a little further, combine an arched brow and a long sweep of lash with clever make-up and – voila! – your look can be utterly transformed. Add a new hairstyle and bags of attitude and they can even make you look like someone else entirely. You, only not! So who would you like to be this week? Marilyn Monroe, perhaps? Cleopatra?

By way of inspiration, take a look at The Art of Makeup and Face Forward by the late, great, make-up artist Kevyn AuCoin. Using clever make-up techniques, together with sculpted brows and upper and lower eyelash extensions, he managed to make Hilary Swank into a dead-ringer for Raquel Welch, transform Penelope Cruz into Audrey Hepburn and turn Wynona Ryder into Elizabeth Taylor. If you are going to a fancy dress party, of course, you can fasten your seatbelt and go the whole hog, wig included – and oh what fun that could be! – but otherwise just cherry pick and try a tweak here and there to see what happens and who notices!


It’s fascinating just to leaf through the pages of books like these, both to gain inspiration and to pick up useful make-up tips and tricks.  It’s amazing too to see what can be achieved when you know how, sometimes by just a relatively small tweak. A new, sculpted eyebrow shape and/or longer, fuller lashes to showcase your eyes, a bolder or perhaps paler lipstick to flatter a pretty mouth, clever shading techniques to shape your face – not rocket science, just beauty magic.

If you’d care to lie back in comfort while we dust your eyebrows and eyelashes with some of our very special Lara Lashes magic, then give us a call on 0207 228 2552 or book online at www.laralashes.co.uk.  We’ll do our best to enchant!


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