Gorgeous Bridal Eyelash Extensions

imagesSpring is springing at last and hooray to that!  The sun is getting warmer, the days are definitely longer, and the shops are brim-full of yummy clothes for spring and summer in optimistically sunny colours. ’tis the season to be happy, and yes, we are!!

It’s also of course the time lots of us choose to get married!  Romance is truly in the air and brides everywhere are busily planning all the little details which they hope will make their special day just perfect.  At Lara Lashes we can’t make the sun come out on your wedding day, but we can help to make you look so fabulous that no-one will notice if it doesn’t!

So, if you’re about to be a bride, you’ve no doubt already chosen a stunning wedding gown, exquisite shoes and a beautiful bouquet, but have you also thought about having some lush, long and lovely Lara Lashes eyelash extensions applied for your wedding day?

We can confidently assure you that perfectly applied eyelash extensions will give you an amazing boost of confidence and that you will look and feel fantastic on your wedding day.  Eyelash extensions really will make you look much younger, prettier and more glamorous and we promise that they don’t have to look brash or fake.  You will look just as you always do, but more beautiful.  You, only better …!

So, you will look picture-perfect and amazing in your wedding photographs, you will need hardly any other make-up on the day, and you won’t run the risk of mascara panda-eyes if you cry (so clearly brilliant for the mother-of-the-bride too)! What’s not to love?

And then there’s your honeymoon, when obviously you will want to dazzle your new husband and look your most stunning self throughout!  This is when you will love your eyelash extensions most of all.  If you arrive for your romantic break feeling tired, jetlagged or, worse, hung over, you will still look fantastic – even the bleariest eyes can be overshadowed by beautiful lashes J – and because your lash extensions will last for over a month after application you will look great every morning after that from the time you wake up.  Perfect.  Your lash extensions will drop out gradually and individually as your real eyelashes shed and replace themselves so fear not – there will be no dramatic fallout when they all come off at once!!

If you’ve never had eyelash extensions before, the best idea is to schedule a try-out appointment a few weeks before your wedding to hone your perfect, individual look before the big day – but if time is short, worry not.  All Lara Lashes’ eyelash technicians are very well qualified and experienced, and will be only too happy to guide you on the best lashes to choose to achieve just the look you’d like.

Appointments are available at our Battersea Rise salon Tuesday to Sunday (see our opening times at www.laralashes.co.uk) or choose a mobile appointment in the comfort of your own home – 8 till late, seven days a week, London-wide (zones 1 to 4).

We hope to see you soon!

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