Hello 2014!

That’s it then!!  The whole Christmas and New Year saga – the shopping, preening, partying, presents, cooking, squabbling, but alas not the dieting L – is all over for another year. Yes, we agree, it was wonderful while it lasted, but let’s all now breath a huge, collective sigh of relief that the joys and stresses of the festive season are mostly behind us and life is slowly edging back to normality.

It’s half way through January, so you’ve all had plenty of time to make (and possibly break!!) your New Year’s Resolutions – but here’s another one to make and keep:

Put a note in your diary to remind you to make a lash infill appointment with Lara Lashes every 3 to 4 weeks to keep your lashes Bambi-beautiful all year round!!  Gorgeous eyelashes are for keeps, not just for Christmas!

And here are a few other golden rules for keeping your Lara Lashes eyelash extensions in tip-top condition:

Avoid contact with water for the first 24 hours after your new extensions have been applied, and steam baths, steam treatments and swimming for another day after that.  Be kind to your lovely lashes and try not to allow the water jets to hit them directly when you take a shower.

Keep oil-based products, like mascara (especially waterproof!), make-up remover and sun cream well away from your eyelash extensions as these products will loosen the adhesive bond and cause premature shedding.  And NEVER rub or pull at your lashes – just like you, your lash extensions are things of beauty J and prefer to be treated with gentleness and sensitivity!

If you would like to use mascara from time to time, be sure to choose a mascara suitable for eyelash extensions (sold in our Battersea Rise salon or online at www.laralashesonline.co.uk for £10). And if you prefer your lashes to have a little lift, please do not be tempted reach for the dreaded eyelash curlers (another no-no for lash extensions!) and instead ask for C curl extensions at your next Lara Lashes appointment. We are here to help and guide you to your preferred lash look!

The Lara Lashes team looks forward to seeing you soon, and we wish all our clients a very happy, healthy and glamorous New Year!

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