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Lycon Waxing at Lara Lashes!

We are delighted to offer this premium waxing system to our clients. The Lycon system takes a great big step away from waxing as we know it, and offers many pluses and no minuses.  It produces consistently superb results, makes hair removal much easier and is virtually pain-free.  


Lycon waxes are designed to stick only to the hairs, never to the skin, and are applied over an initial layer of pre-wax oil, resulting in a significant reduction in skin sensitivity.  They are also extremely strong, giving maximum adhesion to the hair – so more oomph and less ouch, which can only be good!  This strength and adhesion makes waxing possible just a few days after shaving. No more skulking around in tights, long sleeved tops and other concealing garments while waiting impatiently for your unwanted hair to grow even more unwanted (and unsightly) before it can be waxed.

Lycon wax comes in three different forms, each wax used depending upon the area to be waxed and the stubbornness of the hair growth.

  • Lycon Hot Wax – formulated for use at a lower temperature than conventional waxes, so hot on hair removal rather than hot on your skin!
  • Lycojet Wax - applied at an even lower temperature and in a much thinner layer, making it particularly pliable.
  • Lycon Strip Wax – applied in super-thin strips, leaving no sticky residue behind – just smooth, beautiful, hair-free skin.

Hair is removed cleanly and smoothly from the roots, ensuring the longest possible time between waxes – usually 4 to 6 weeks – and if the hair proves particularly stubborn to remove, the wax can be reapplied as many times as necessary without causing skin trauma or irritation, so goodbye and good riddance to red, sore patches. Finally – last but not least – the Lycon wax system is 100% hygienic – not quite so exciting but definitely reassuring – so all in all, what’s not to love?!

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