Lashes Top & Bottom!


Think of those iconic photos from the past, decades old but still unforgettable – Marilyn Monroe posed and laughing, pleated white dress fluttering around her hips, Audrey Hepburn breakfasting chic, polished and beautiful in classic black and long pearls, and of course Twiggy, mesmerising us 50 years on with those big, wide eyes and painted, china-doll lower lashes …

Back in the day, painting each lash on individually was the only game in town. Mascara was too heavy for the bottom lashes and usually smudged anyway, and false eyelashes were definitely for top lashes only. Happily, things have moved on a bit since Twiggy strutted her stuff, and if you want to add some sixties sizzle in 2015 there’s an easy alternative to wielding a paint brush with a steady hand before bolting for the 7.35 on a Monday morning….

We are talking, of course, about individually applied lower lash extensions.  Beloved by Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevigne and Jennifer Lopez to name-drop but a few, this bold new trend is the look of the moment, the next big thing, albeit in New York, Hollywood or London.

At Lara Lashes our LOWER EYELASH EXTENSIONS have become more and more popular this summer.  Our discerning clients love the extra oomph, the wide-eyed wow that comes from a complete set of beautiful, and beautifully applied, upper and lower lashes. If you haven’t yet given these a go, but love the luscious look of your upper eyelash extensions, let Lara Lashes gild the lily with a bottom row and prepare to be amazed at the difference they make!

Cara Delevigne

Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez

Lara Lashes technicians are fully trained and qualified in the application of lower eyelash extensions, which requires a different, specialised technique for super results and super safety – as always, client care is a key concept at Lara Lashes. As with upper lashes, many different looks can be achieved, ranging from a subtle framing of the eyes  to full-on drama, with every shade and nuance in between. Your Lara Lashes stylist will, of course, be on hand to advise you how best to achieve the look you long for.

So why not give lower lashes a try for your next special occasion? Or then again, why wait at all when you can bowl over your significant other and impress all your friends right now?!  August is sizzling away and it will soon be September, so make hay while the sun shines and add a little wow before summer’s over!


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