Think of all those famous women, 50 plus and beyond and fabulous as ever – Elle McPherson, Michelle Obama, Helen Mirren, Charlotte Rampling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Maye Musk, to name but a gorgeous few. We stand in awe of their ability to look fresh as flowers despite the years and wonder how they do it! A healthy lifestyle, lots of discipline and a bit of pampering all play their part – not to mention great genes (and jeans) – but one thing these ever-youthful icons have in common is amazing eyes.

Sensual eyes and thick, luscious eyelashes have an amazing ability to make anyone look younger. Fuller, longer lashes have always been associated with youth; they draw attention to the eyes and away from the signs of ageing. While there are limited non-surgical options for diminishing crow’s feet and loss of skin elasticity, looking younger with eyelash extensions is easy. Some beauty experts even consider eyelash extensions the new face lift for women over 50.

Like the skin, your eyelashes change as you age. Eyelashes perpetually cycle through stages of growth, rest, shedding and re-growth, but as you get older your eyelash follicles slow down the production of new lashes, making lashes progressively thinner through each cycle. It’s a normal part of ageing but investing in beautiful, well applied eyelash extensions can restore the youthful, sexy eyes you had in the past. You won’t need as much make up either, so younger looking without looking as though you’ve tried too hard!

The best lash extensions for older women look natural, full and healthy and restore the fuller eyelashes of youth without looking heavy or overdone. Go to the experts and book an appointment at Lara Lashes London.  Our experienced and professional eyelash technicians will help you to decide the best eyelash extensions for you and – who knows? – you could look 10 years younger in just an hour or two!


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