Once your gorgeous and glamorous lashes have been applied, you need to take care of them — and that may mean making a few small changes to your routine…..

  1. First and foremost, if your eyelash extensions are exposed to water, heat or steam in the first 24 hours after application the adhesive won’t be able to cure fully and all the time (and money!) you spent on having your beautiful lashes applied will be for naught. Forget the sauna or steam room for a day or two and have a bath instead of a shower.
  2. If you rub your eyes with a towel or cloth or sleep face down on a pillow you can pull your eyelash extensions off – yikes! – so definitely to be avoided.
  3. Be very careful about which beauty products you use on your face while you have lash extensions. As much as you love your liquid liner, for example, be aware that your love of liner could affect your new look.  Oil-based make-up products are not recommended for use around the eyes since they too can ruin the adhesive bond between your natural lashes and the extensions.  Instead, choose non-oily products to use near to your lash extensions, and remove make-up with a gentle, oil-free cleanser. Avoid using mascara  – you wont need it.  Embrace the freedom! IMG_8408
  4. Resist the temptation to tweak or play with your eyelash extensions.  If an extension looks out of place, avoid twisting it or attempting to pull it off — as you may pull out your natural lash instead! Instead, simply use a disposable mascara brush to brush the lashes back into place.  Da-dah!
  5. Last but not least, despite the very best in aftercare, your beloved lash extensions won’t last forever -  :(  Sob, sob…..!  – but for approximately the length of your natural lash cycle, so up to 6 weeks before the last one falls off. To maintain your desired look, you should anticipate having your lashes infilled and tidied every two to four weeks.  The frequency of infill depends on your own natural lash cycle, and the fullness you prefer to maintain, but if you leave it any longer than 4 weeks (or 3 for a half set) too many lashes will have been lost and you will need to start again with a new set.
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Think of all those famous women, 50 plus and beyond and fabulous as ever – Elle McPherson, Michelle Obama, Helen Mirren, Charlotte Rampling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Maye Musk, to name but a gorgeous few. We stand in awe of their ability to look fresh as flowers despite the years and wonder how they do it! A healthy lifestyle, lots of discipline and a bit of pampering all play their part – not to mention great genes (and jeans) – but one thing these ever-youthful icons have in common is amazing eyes.

Sensual eyes and thick, luscious eyelashes have an amazing ability to make anyone look younger. Fuller, longer lashes have always been associated with youth; they draw attention to the eyes and away from the signs of ageing. While there are limited non-surgical options for diminishing crow’s feet and loss of skin elasticity, looking younger with eyelash extensions is easy. Some beauty experts even consider eyelash extensions the new face lift for women over 50.

Like the skin, your eyelashes change as you age. Eyelashes perpetually cycle through stages of growth, rest, shedding and re-growth, but as you get older your eyelash follicles slow down the production of new lashes, making lashes progressively thinner through each cycle. It’s a normal part of ageing but investing in beautiful, well applied eyelash extensions can restore the youthful, sexy eyes you had in the past. You won’t need as much make up either, so younger looking without looking as though you’ve tried too hard!

The best lash extensions for older women look natural, full and healthy and restore the fuller eyelashes of youth without looking heavy or overdone. Go to the experts and book an appointment at Lara Lashes London.  Our experienced and professional eyelash technicians will help you to decide the best eyelash extensions for you and – who knows? – you could look 10 years younger in just an hour or two!


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Decisions, decisions ….!?

Summertime and the living is easy, but maybe choosing which lashes to have is not so easy?

Fear not, we’re here to help!


Individual eyelash extensions are made from a variety of fibres, the most common being Synthetic Mink, which feels the softest and looks the most natural. So decision 1 taken care of! They also come in various lash curls, lengths and thicknesses, and all these factors play an important part in how the finished set of lash extensions will look – enter our savvy and experienced eyelash stylists to help you with decision 2! 

Full Set - Individual Eyelash Extensions

Full Set – Individual Eyelash Extensions

For a Full Set of Individual eyelash extensions, a single extension is carefully applied to each natural eyelash approximately 0.5 mm from the eyelid skin – precise work indeed – with the number of lash extensions varying from 40 to 150 extensions per eye, depending upon the client’s desired look and the number of natural lashes there are to work with. At Lara Lashes we allow a generous 2 hours to apply a Full Set of Individual eyelash extensions.

The process is precisely the same for a Half Set but fewer lashes are applied. The appointment lasts an hour, achieving approximately 65% coverage of the natural lashes.

Anything from a very natural look to more defined enhancement of the lashes can be achieved with either option. The difference is in the density.

A Full Set will need infilling up to 4 weeks after application, and a Half Set up to 3 weeks. An Infill and Tidy appointment takes 60 minutes in either case.


Exciting technological advances in eyelash extension manufacture have led to the creation of the amazing superlight and superfine lashes used for Russian Volume eyelash extensions – also known as 2D–8D lashes, meaning that anything from 2 to 8 of these featherweight miracles can be applied to a single natural eyelash. Wow, wow, wow!

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume
extensions are meticulously applied to each natural lash in a fan shape, a specialised technique allowing as many as 700 extensions to be applied to each eye. This unique approach gives a gorgeous lush and feathery look – and because the lashes are so very light you will barely feel they are there at all.

Delightful as this is, not everyone wants 8D or 700+ extensions applied to each eye! Happily, as with a set of Individual lashes, Russian Volume Lashes can be tailored to each client’s desired look – 2, 3, 4 or 5 extensions to a natural lash and so on – using varying extension lengths, thicknesses and curl, and applied in wide, medium or narrow ‘fans’.  

Russian Volume Lash Fan

Russian Volume Lash Fan

Russian Volume set takes 150 minutes to apply and will need infilling up to 4 weeks after application. An Infill and Tidy takes 90 minutes (or 60 minutes if infilled more frequently).

At Lara Lashes we appreciate that each client is an individual with a unique set of natural lashes and a unique eyelash look in mind.  Our aim is to help every client achieve the lash look they love.

Decisions, decisions, yes! But whatever decision you make - Individual Full Set, Individual Half Set, or Russian Volume – at Lara Lashes the end result will be a truly bespoke lash look.


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… and no, it wasn’t Brazil

Did you know that the famous and fabulous Brazilian wax was born not in Brazil but in New York?

The Brazilian was the brainchild of seven sisters brave enough to leave their small town in Brazil with no money and no English. Inspired by the beach culture and itsy bitsy bikinis of their home country, the clever J sisters – Jonice, Jocely, Janea, Joyce, Juracy, Jussara and Judseia – came up with an iconic waxing style famous the world over.

For beach beauties and city slickers from hot Cococabana to cold London and back, intimate waxing is all a question of degree. Between the conservative regular bikini wax and the all out, bare all Hollywood lie the G-string and yes, the Brazilian.

The Brazilian wax involves removing all the pubic hair from underneath while leaving some at the front by way of decoration – a thin landing strip, or a triangle or heart shape.  The J sisters were their own guinea pigs so before fame and success came lots of hard work, risk taking and painful self-experimentation – but it was all worth it in the end when the Brazilian wax became wildly popular with fashion magazines and celebrities, not to mention women everywhere who loved its smooth, clean and sexy feel (and minimal ouch factor).

The sisters’ only regret is calling their iconic treatment the Brazilian and not the J Sisters Wax – but don’t you just love the picture ‘Brazilian’ conjours up? The girl from Ipanema sashaying down a South American beach, or you/me mesmerising the sunbathers somewhere a little closer to home. Dreams have to start somewhere …

If you’d like to wax lyrical yourself, contact Lara Lashes via email at bookings@laralashes.com

or by phone on 020 7228 2552

We’re here to make you beautiful!

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Shall it be seashells or sugar wax? The Ancient Egyptian solution to unwanted hair!


Did you know that the women of ancient Egypt removed all their body hair, including that on their heads? They used tweezers made from seashells, pumice stones, or beeswax/sugar-based waxes, and invested more time on hair removal than on any other beauty ritual.


ancient egypt hair removal

The Ancient Egyptians are well known for removing unwanted hair from their bodies and faces

 Whilst the quest for the body beautiful has changed little in the last 2,000 years, Cleopatra would find hair removal methods now quicker, easier and a lot less painful!  If she had only known about Lara Lashes’ Lycon wax – effective, gentle, long-lasting, and with an extremely low ouch factor – her skin would have been so soft and smooth that she wouldn’t have had to bother with all those donkey milk baths.

Modern beauties have no excuse to neglect the basics and let it all hang out, winter or not! It’s Valentine’s Day in just two weeks and soft, smooth, hair-free skin is the least you (and your Valentine) deserve. No seashells or pumice stones needed in 2017 so wax, Lycon wax, whichever body bits demand your attention – arms, underarms, legs, bikini area, all the above – and emerge feeling super smooth and ready to be wooed.

The 14th of February can be fun! Red roses, chilled champagne, hot dates, questions to be popped, the possibilities are endless, so like all good Girl Guides, best to be prepared.



Behold the Lara Lashes Valentine check list:

  •       Hot frock? Check (or check the sales)
  •       Pretty underwear and no VPL? Check.
  •       Manicured fingers to show off any hot rocks that show up? Check.
  •       Bewitching eyelashes? Check. (Excellent. Clearly you came to Lara Lashes recently or already have an appointment booked, which is just as well as we are likely to be VERY busy).
  •       Smooth, hair-free bod? No??!! Horrors. See the above and contact Lara Wax immediately!!

Lara Wax – the new, soft approach to waxing. Because you’re worth it…

To make an appointment, book online, email bookings@laralashes.co.uk or call 020 7228 2552. We’re here to make you beautiful!




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September is an amazing time in the world of fashion and beauty and way before summer fades, and our tans with it, the hugely influential AW fashion shows are under way and the key styles for the new season set, decided and out there!

Glitter eyes

Glitter eyes

Sad as we are to pack away our sandals and strappy dresses, there’s nothing quite like a couple of delectable new garments waiting in the wardrobe to cheer us on into autumn and beyond – and the eye make-up trends for this year are particularly delicious and inspiring.

Let’s start with an exciting new twist on old and familiar theme – the tried and tested Smoky Eye. Follow the trends headlined at the biggest shows and upgrade this classic beauty look to the Glitter Eye, or Glitter Smoky. Gild your lids with glitter shadows in bold new colours like blue or green or golden bronze, or keep your eye shadows matte and simple but add a sparkly line beneath each brow or a drift of contrasting sequins at the outer corners of the eyes. The possibilities are endless. Elegant party girls can go for subtle, with soft brown shadows and minimal glitz, while disco divas can up the ante and go for broke – just remember to keep the lip colour pale and subtle if your eye colour is bright.

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes

At Lara Lashes we love the new Arty Liner look. Think Miro, Mondrian or Cleopatra, and boldly go for a dark wavy line beneath your lower lashes, or an upward-tilting cat’s eye frame, to enhance subtle shadow and lovely lashes and showcase your beautiful eyes. Be brave and dramatic – draw unwavering lines in black, navy, deep green or purple and let your artistry do the talking. Keep shadows and lip colours soft and subtle and your eyelash extensions fine, understated and beautifully applied.

Arty Liner

Arty Liner

Another hit on the catwalk for AW 2016/17 is the spider, or Twiggy, lash. This dolls-eye look calls for long, dramatic top and bottom lashes, brushed and combed through to separate. The lashes and liner are the main event here, so keep your eye shadow tones neutral so as not to detract. Go for a true sixties feel with pale lipstick and paler pan stick, or stay modern and give this iconic look a new, modern twist with a bold lips in darkest, deepest red.

Twiggy lashes

Twiggy lashes

Have fun and dare to be different – but don’t forget that your brows and lashes need to be especially super duper perfect for such bold and beautiful framing. Get ahead of the game and book your Lara Lashes appointment in advance for the party season – by which time you will hopefully be beautifully adept, line perfect and more than ready to impress!

*Pictures from Vogue France
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primer 2

Protein Remover Cleansing Pads


Lara Lashes Conditioning Primer

Ask any artist – whether you’re painting a portrait or a wall, applying make- up or individual eyelash extensions, good preparation is the key to great results!

High quality materials and professional expertise will go a long, long way, but perfect results can only happen when you do the basic groundwork.

When it comes to applying individual eyelash extensions, part of that preparation is the application of a good quality primer. This small but vital first step makes all the difference. Eyelash extensions adhere longer and more firmly to the natural lashes and last much longer. But longer-lasting extensions is not the only benefit. Your lash adhesive will also bond more quickly, meaning a reduced application time overall, so violá, speed AND efficiency!

Eyelash extension primer is designed to be used as a pre-treatment before eyelash extensions are applied. It is especially formulated to thoroughly prepare the surface of the natural lashes so that maximum bonding with the eyelash adhesive can be achieved. Dust, make up and surface oils and proteins are gently removed to leave the lashes oil-free, super-clean and super-ready for the next step.

As primer can be used on both natural lashes and eyelash extensions and will not affect any existing glue bond, it’s ideal for eyelash infills/touch-ups as well as for the initial application.

 If you are not already using an eyelash primer, now is the time to give it a try to see for yourself the huge difference it can make to lash longevity and client happiness!

 Application is quick and straightforward:

  • Ensure that your client’s eyes are closed.
  • Remove any residual eye make-up with oil-free make-up remover.
  • Apply a small amount of primer onto two disposable micro brushes.  Place one underneath the lashes and one on top.  Gently glide the micro brushes up the lashes to cleanse each individual lash thoroughly.  
  • Make sure lashes are completely dry (approximately 2 minutes) before beginning to apply eyelash extensions.

Lara Lashes Boutique is pleased to offer two top quality eyelash extension primers, both formulated and manufactured to comply with EU regulations.

For Best Results, use with Lara Lashes Fast Dry Adhesive.


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… And we can’t wait for those crazy, lazy, hazy days to kick in at long last.download (15)


If the much promised ‘heat wave of the century’ actually does arrive will you ready to get your legs out, raise your arms with joy, bare all in a bikini?? Are your lithe and lovely limbs fuzz-free and beach ready? Will the sunlight shimmer and glow on your picture-perfect eyelashes?

 Just in case the answer to any of the above is no, here’s our helpful Lara Lashes crib sheet. A few simple steps to a beautiful summer ….

  •       Don’t be a hothead – wear a fetching hat
  •       Lash on the moisturiser
  •       Dare to bare but don’t forget the suntan lotion and pre holiday Lycon wax!
  •       Paint your toenails and fingernails in delicious summer colours, as wild or as pretty as you like.  It’s all about bright and neon so go for it!
  •       Go minimalist and make-up free then turn up the volume with luscious lip colours and Lara Lashes’ knock-out eyelash extensions
  •       Arch a beautifully sculpted brow above your Ray-Bans and bewitch your way through summer
  •       Relax and enjoy!

Step No 1 of course is to hot-foot it to Lara Lashes!  The summer stampede has already started so don’t leave it too late to make a booking.

We look forward to welcoming you at our salon in Battersea.

 Lara Lashes, Lara Brows, Lara Wax

Your one-stop destination for beautiful eyelash extensions, perfect brows and lovely Lycon waxing


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… things have become a little confusing in the intimate waxing area!

Once upon a time, there was the bikini wax. Just the bikini wax. Everyone knew what this meant and what to expect (more or less)! Off came any hair that might be seen when wearing a conventional bikini and that was that. Off on holiday you went and you only went back (reluctantly) when you next planned a swim.

How times have changed. Wax removal techniques have improved immeasurably and the style of intimate wax you opt for has become a lifestyle choice and not just a pre-holiday ritual. This is great but makes the quest for a perfect lady area a tad bewildering. When faced with the veritable menu of different types of intimate waxing on offer, an array of questions immediately comes to mind. Which wax style is which? What are the differences? How much hair will I have left? Do I remove my underwear or keep it on?? Will it hurt?  

1438960826 (1)

So here is the Lara Wax lowdown on the lowdown – everything you need to know about intimate waxing but would prefer not to ask.

So what are the options?
Now that taming one’s lady garden has become a style statement as much as a necessity trends do come and go, but the basic choices remain the same. At Lara Wax we offer Regular Bikini, G-String Bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing. The choice comes down to how much you dare to bare and/or the type of bikini you like to wear.

What is a Regular Bikini Wax?
This is the standard, original bikini wax, so perfect if you plan to hit the beach in a classic cut bikini or boy-leg swimsuit. Much hair will be left au naturel, but removed and neatened up along the bikini line. 

And a G-String?
If your bikini is more of the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny variety then a G-String Bikini wax is the one for you! More hair is removed than with the Regular option, from the top as well as the underneath, following through to the back to achieve a fuzz free zone where the string is narrowest. The hair at the front is shaped to create a shaped, inverted triangle – pretty much like the outline of a cocktail glass!

Which is the most popular bikini waxing style?
Once the sun comes out and the bikini season reaches full sizzle, the Brazilian is the wax of choice. All hair is removed from underneath and almost all from on top, leaving you with just a thin ‘landing strip’ at the front, or a shape to your preference. 

Which is the wax that removes ALL the hair?
That’s the Hollywood – all hair all comes off and you are left with nix, nothing, nada, zip, zero, front and back. The Full Monty of bikini waxes.

Where next for bikini waxing?
In America the Full Bush Brazilian is gaining popularity – bikini line and underneath are waxed bare but with fuller hair left in the front – so interesting to see if the trend will take off here too!

Will it hurt?
At Lara Wax we use only the best – lovely, premium Lycon wax – so waxing is quick and easy and less painful than other waxes.  If the hair proves particularly stubborn to remove, the wax can be reapplied as many times as necessary without causing skin trauma or irritation, so no more red, sore patches. All good, all straightforward, and what’s not to love?

Should I remove my underwear?
Yes, you will need to do this for all intimate waxing to ensure the best results.

Should I trim the hair before a wax?
Yes, trimming longer hairs will make the waxing process easier, but best not trimmed too short.

How long does hair need to be for waxing?
Lycon wax is very strong, with great adhesion, so hair can be waxed when they are still very short. Hair is removed cleanly and smoothly from the roots, ensuring the longest possible time between waxes – usually 4 to 6 weeks.

How can I avoid ingrown hairs?
If you regularly exfoliate and moisturise the skin between waxes this will encourage new hairs to grow through properly.

CLICK HERE for a full list of our services.

To book your Lycon Waxing appointment at Lara Lashes, visit our website, email us at bookings@laralashes.co.uk or call 0207 228 2552.



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At Lara Lashes, not only do we want you to love the eyelash extensions we apply, but we also want to inform you on how best to care for your lashes, maintaining natural eyelash health and achieving maximum longevity for the eyelash extensions themselves.

After you appointment, your Lash Stylist will provide you with guidance as to how to care for your lashes.  Please remember, following correct aftercare is key to keeping your lashes looking great.




  • Avoid contact with water for the first 24 hours after application
  • Avoid steam baths, steam treatments and swimming for the first 48 hours after application


  • Avoid the use of oil-based products on the eyelash extensions as this will loosen the adhesive bond
  • If you would like to use mascara, ONLY use mascara that is oil-free and suitable for eyelash extensions (eyelash extension mascara available in salon  or at http://www.laralashesboutique.co.uk/max-2-special-mascara-gold-for-eyelash-extensions)
  • Be gentle with your eyelash extensions.  Avoid rubbing or pulling them.  Be particularly careful when washing your face.  Always pat your face dry after cleansing
  • Do not use an eyelash curler or perm your eyelash extensions
  • Do not tint your eyelash extensions
  • Keep your eyelash extensions clean (Top Tip:  Dilute a tiny amount of baby shampoo in water, and using your fingertips, gently run this solution from the root to the tip of your lashes to cleanse.  Remember not to rub or pull your lashes!)
  • You can use an eyelash extension sealant to nourish and seal the lashes, and increase their longevity (eyelash extension sealant available in salon or at http://www.laralashesboutique.co.uk/black-diamond-coating-sealant)


We recommend an Infill & Tidy appointment every 2 to 3 weeks, up to a maximum of 4 weeks since your last appointment.

Why every few weeks?  The reason is because your natural lashes have a lifecycle of between 60 to 90 days, and are constantly shedding, meaning any lash extensions attached to the natural lashes will also shed.  The Infill & Tidy maintenance service simply adds extra individual eyelash extensions to new lashes, filling in gaps where the older ones have completed their lash cycle and shed.  This will keep your lashes looking full and in “tip top” condition at all times!

If you decide you would like to remove your lashes, please remember not to attempt to do so yourself.  Professional eyelash extension removal is required to ensure that no damage occurs to your natural lashes.

Please remember to always attend your appointment wearing no mascara.  This will mean none of your appointment time will be taken up removing make-up, and your Lash Stylist can instead focus fully on applying lots of lovely new lashes!

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