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Lara Lashes Conditioning Primer

Ask any artist – whether you’re painting a portrait or a wall, applying make- up or individual eyelash extensions, good preparation is the key to great results!

High quality materials and professional expertise will go a long, long way, but perfect results can only happen when you do the basic groundwork.

When it comes to applying individual eyelash extensions, part of that preparation is the application of a good quality primer. This small but vital first step makes all the difference. Eyelash extensions adhere longer and more firmly to the natural lashes and last much longer. But longer-lasting extensions is not the only benefit. Your lash adhesive will also bond more quickly, meaning a reduced application time overall, so violá, speed AND efficiency!

Eyelash extension primer is designed to be used as a pre-treatment before eyelash extensions are applied. It is especially formulated to thoroughly prepare the surface of the natural lashes so that maximum bonding with the eyelash adhesive can be achieved. Dust, make up and surface oils and proteins are gently removed to leave the lashes oil-free, super-clean and super-ready for the next step.

As primer can be used on both natural lashes and eyelash extensions and will not affect any existing glue bond, it’s ideal for eyelash infills/touch-ups as well as for the initial application.

 If you are not already using an eyelash primer, now is the time to give it a try to see for yourself the huge difference it can make to lash longevity and client happiness!

 Application is quick and straightforward:

  • Ensure that your client’s eyes are closed.
  • Remove any residual eye make-up with oil-free make-up remover.
  • Apply a small amount of primer onto two disposable micro brushes.  Place one underneath the lashes and one on top.  Gently glide the micro brushes up the lashes to cleanse each individual lash thoroughly.  
  • Make sure lashes are completely dry (approximately 2 minutes) before beginning to apply eyelash extensions.

Lara Lashes Boutique is pleased to offer two top quality eyelash extension primers, both formulated and manufactured to comply with EU regulations.

For Best Results, use with Lara Lashes Fast Dry Adhesive.


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