2016 is a Leap Year and in just two weeks’ time it will be 29th February – womankind’s once-in-four-years opportunity to reverse tradition, take a deep breath and pop the question …

The tradition apparently dates back to 5th century Ireland, when St Brigid asked St Patrick if women could be allowed to propose to men so they wouldn’t have to wait endlessly for their men to build up the courage to ask. After some discussion it was agreed that yes, this would be OK, but only once every four years, on 29th February. Result.

Needing no further encouragement (and here one has to suspect her motives) St Brigid immediately proposed to St Patrick, but sadly he turned her down. Bad result. He tried to soften the blow with a kiss on her cheek (no good, obviously) and the gift of a silk gown (better), and so it was that a silk gown for a no answer went on to become part of the legend….

So, worst case scenario, if you get down on one knee and, horrors, the blighter says no, at least you could come out of it with a silk gown, so best to make a list beforehand – a divine on-trend silk satin slip dress from Equipment or Three Graces would do nicely, or Ghost perhaps …leap year 3

You could of course try wearing said dress to actually ask the question, which could affect the outcome. Even better, if you adorn your come-hither eyes with some amazing, irresistible Lara Lashes eyelash extensions – there’s still time! – success will be virtually guaranteed (so not a good idea if it’s the dress you’re after, not the man, and you’re banking on a no…)

leap year 2As for the red petticoat, in another version of the story, Queen Margaret decreed in 1288 that a woman could propose on 29th February as long as she wore a red petticoat as a warning – so to cover all the options maybe a rocking red dress for the proposal, and a gorgeous silk number to compensate if he says no!

If 29th February is ringed in red in your diary, then ring Lara Lashes at once to secure your lovely lashes and your man – or if a marriage proposal isn’t on the cards, use your 2016 bonus extra day as a brilliant excuse to beautify! Our list of tempting lash, brow and waxing services is sure to turn your head, so look and book at, send an email to or ring 02072282552.

A Happy Leap Year to all our clients from the Lara Lashes team!

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