Decisions, decisions ….!?

Summertime and the living is easy, but maybe choosing which lashes to have is not so easy?

Fear not, we’re here to help!


Individual eyelash extensions are made from a variety of fibres, the most common being Synthetic Mink, which feels the softest and looks the most natural. So decision 1 taken care of! They also come in various lash curls, lengths and thicknesses, and all these factors play an important part in how the finished set of lash extensions will look – enter our savvy and experienced eyelash stylists to help you with decision 2! 

Full Set - Individual Eyelash Extensions

Full Set – Individual Eyelash Extensions

For a Full Set of Individual eyelash extensions, a single extension is carefully applied to each natural eyelash approximately 0.5 mm from the eyelid skin – precise work indeed – with the number of lash extensions varying from 40 to 150 extensions per eye, depending upon the client’s desired look and the number of natural lashes there are to work with. At Lara Lashes we allow a generous 2 hours to apply a Full Set of Individual eyelash extensions.

The process is precisely the same for a Half Set but fewer lashes are applied. The appointment lasts an hour, achieving approximately 65% coverage of the natural lashes.

Anything from a very natural look to more defined enhancement of the lashes can be achieved with either option. The difference is in the density.

A Full Set will need infilling up to 4 weeks after application, and a Half Set up to 3 weeks. An Infill and Tidy appointment takes 60 minutes in either case.


Exciting technological advances in eyelash extension manufacture have led to the creation of the amazing superlight and superfine lashes used for Russian Volume eyelash extensions – also known as 2D–8D lashes, meaning that anything from 2 to 8 of these featherweight miracles can be applied to a single natural eyelash. Wow, wow, wow!

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian Volume
extensions are meticulously applied to each natural lash in a fan shape, a specialised technique allowing as many as 700 extensions to be applied to each eye. This unique approach gives a gorgeous lush and feathery look – and because the lashes are so very light you will barely feel they are there at all.

Delightful as this is, not everyone wants 8D or 700+ extensions applied to each eye! Happily, as with a set of Individual lashes, Russian Volume Lashes can be tailored to each client’s desired look – 2, 3, 4 or 5 extensions to a natural lash and so on – using varying extension lengths, thicknesses and curl, and applied in wide, medium or narrow ‘fans’.  

Russian Volume Lash Fan

Russian Volume Lash Fan

Russian Volume set takes 150 minutes to apply and will need infilling up to 4 weeks after application. An Infill and Tidy takes 90 minutes (or 60 minutes if infilled more frequently).

At Lara Lashes we appreciate that each client is an individual with a unique set of natural lashes and a unique eyelash look in mind.  Our aim is to help every client achieve the lash look they love.

Decisions, decisions, yes! But whatever decision you make - Individual Full Set, Individual Half Set, or Russian Volume – at Lara Lashes the end result will be a truly bespoke lash look.


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