Shall it be seashells or sugar wax? The Ancient Egyptian solution to unwanted hair!


Did you know that the women of ancient Egypt removed all their body hair, including that on their heads? They used tweezers made from seashells, pumice stones, or beeswax/sugar-based waxes, and invested more time on hair removal than on any other beauty ritual.


ancient egypt hair removal

The Ancient Egyptians are well known for removing unwanted hair from their bodies and faces

 Whilst the quest for the body beautiful has changed little in the last 2,000 years, Cleopatra would find hair removal methods now quicker, easier and a lot less painful!  If she had only known about Lara Lashes’ Lycon wax – effective, gentle, long-lasting, and with an extremely low ouch factor – her skin would have been so soft and smooth that she wouldn’t have had to bother with all those donkey milk baths.

Modern beauties have no excuse to neglect the basics and let it all hang out, winter or not! It’s Valentine’s Day in just two weeks and soft, smooth, hair-free skin is the least you (and your Valentine) deserve. No seashells or pumice stones needed in 2017 so wax, Lycon wax, whichever body bits demand your attention – arms, underarms, legs, bikini area, all the above – and emerge feeling super smooth and ready to be wooed.

The 14th of February can be fun! Red roses, chilled champagne, hot dates, questions to be popped, the possibilities are endless, so like all good Girl Guides, best to be prepared.



Behold the Lara Lashes Valentine check list:

  •       Hot frock? Check (or check the sales)
  •       Pretty underwear and no VPL? Check.
  •       Manicured fingers to show off any hot rocks that show up? Check.
  •       Bewitching eyelashes? Check. (Excellent. Clearly you came to Lara Lashes recently or already have an appointment booked, which is just as well as we are likely to be VERY busy).
  •       Smooth, hair-free bod? No??!! Horrors. See the above and contact Lara Wax immediately!!

Lara Wax – the new, soft approach to waxing. Because you’re worth it…

To make an appointment, book online, email or call 020 7228 2552. We’re here to make you beautiful!




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