… and no, it wasn’t Brazil

Did you know that the famous and fabulous Brazilian wax was born not in Brazil but in New York?

The Brazilian was the brainchild of seven sisters brave enough to leave their small town in Brazil with no money and no English. Inspired by the beach culture and itsy bitsy bikinis of their home country, the clever J sisters – Jonice, Jocely, Janea, Joyce, Juracy, Jussara and Judseia – came up with an iconic waxing style famous the world over.

For beach beauties and city slickers from hot Cococabana to cold London and back, intimate waxing is all a question of degree. Between the conservative regular bikini wax and the all out, bare all Hollywood lie the G-string and yes, the Brazilian.

The Brazilian wax involves removing all the pubic hair from underneath while leaving some at the front by way of decoration – a thin landing strip, or a triangle or heart shape.  The J sisters were their own guinea pigs so before fame and success came lots of hard work, risk taking and painful self-experimentation – but it was all worth it in the end when the Brazilian wax became wildly popular with fashion magazines and celebrities, not to mention women everywhere who loved its smooth, clean and sexy feel (and minimal ouch factor).

The sisters’ only regret is calling their iconic treatment the Brazilian and not the J Sisters Wax – but don’t you just love the picture ‘Brazilian’ conjours up? The girl from Ipanema sashaying down a South American beach, or you/me mesmerising the sunbathers somewhere a little closer to home. Dreams have to start somewhere …

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