Super Volume Lashes

Our lovely, luxe and luscious Super Volume Lashes have been the success of the summer and have taken London by a storm!

Otherwise known as Russian volume – or 3D/6D lashes – our Super Volume lashes are applied up to 3 to a lash, using a special fanning technique, to give a gloriously full and feathery look.

If you still need persuading, here are five very good reasons to give Lara Lashes super volume lashes a try!

  1. The lashes used for Super Volume sets are just as light and fine as real mink fur lashes, so multiple lashes can be applied without them damaging the natural lashes or feeling in any way heavy or unnatural.   Super volume lashes are available in different lengths and curl and come in different thicknesses, 0.10mm and 0.07mm, so the look you like can be honed to perfection!
  2. Classic eyelash extensions are applied one-to-one on the natural lashes and for clients with naturally fine or sparse lashes it’s not always possible to achieve the full volume they would like.  With super volume this problem is solved – fully and beautifully!
  3. If you are a bride, or a bridesmaid, or mother of the bride or groom, or someone who wants to look completely amazing for a special day, a photo shoot, an interview or a date (or all the time, of course!), look no further. A Lara Lashes Super Volume Set is the answer.
  4. All our lash technicians, both in the salon and mobile, are fully trained in the correct application of super volume lashes and use the fanning technique to apply multiple lashes to each lash, so there will be no clumping and no unnatural looking lashes.  Promise!
  5. And last but not least, your friends and work colleagues will be insanely jealous …..


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