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To care for your beautiful lash extensions, just follow a few simple rules:

  • Keep them dry for 24 hours after application and avoid heat and steam on your eyes for a further 24-48 hours

  • Use only oil-free products on your eyes - we do not recommend using mascara

  • Never rub or pick at your lashes

  • Gently comb lashes every day​

  • Clean your lashes with a lash cleansing brush and a little water or foaming baby shampoo


To maintain your lovely lash extensions, book an Infill & Tidy appointment

Infill and tidy appointments are scheduled to last either 60 or 90 minutes depending on which lashes are being applied and the time since your last appointment.  During the appointment time we will add as many new lashes as possible.


To maintain a fuller look you may wish to consider more frequent infill appointments.

For Individual Lashes, we offer Infill & Tidy appointments:

  • up to 3 weeks after a Half Set of individual lashes 

  • up to 4 weeks after a Full Set of individual lashes

  • up to 4 weeks after an Infill & Tidy of individual lashes

For Hybrid & Russian Volume lashes, we offer:

  • a 1 hour Russian Volume or Hybrid Infill & Tidy after up to 2 weeks since last application

  • a 1.5  hour Russian Volume or Hybrid Infill & Tidy after up to 4 weeks since last application

In order to be sure of scheduling your Infill and Tidy appointment at a convenient time within the above time limits, please book as far in advance as possible, especially during busy periods, e.g. summer holidays and Christmas/New Year.

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