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Once your gorgeous and glamorous lashes have been applied, you need to take care of them — and that may mean making a few small changes to your routine.

1. First of all, you shouldn’t expose your eyes to water or extreme heat or steam such as is found in a sauna or steam room for the first 24 hours. If you do, the eyelash adhesive won't be able to cure fully and all that time you spent having your lashes applied will be for nothing.

2. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes with a towel or cloth (or sleeping face down on a pillow); otherwise, you can pull the eyelash extensions lashes off. Yikes!

3. Be really careful about which beauty products you're using on your face while you have lash extensions. As much as you may love your liquid liner for example, beware that your love of liner could affect your new look. Oil-based eye make-up products are not recommended since they can ruin the adhesive bond between your natural lashes and the extensions. Instead try to choose non-oily products to use near the lash extensions, and remove make-up with gentle oil-free cleansers.

4. Resist the temptation to play with your eyelash extensions. If an extension looks out of place, avoid playing with it or twisting or pulling it off—you'll risk pulling out your natural lash with the extension. Instead use a disposable mascara brush to brush them back into place. Da-dah!

5. And finally, alas despite employing the very best in aftercare, your beloved lash extensions won’t last forever. L Sob, sob…..! They will last approximately as long as your natural lash cycle — up to 6 weeks until the last one falls out. To maintain your desired look, you should anticipate getting your lashes infilled and tidied every two to four weeks. The frequency of the infill depends on your own natural lash cycle, and the fullness you prefer to maintain.

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