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What a difference a day makes! Last weekend, after the usual busy Saturday at Lara Lashes, we shut the door on our chic, but distinctly bijou, reception area - only to re-open on Monday to a truly transformed space. Our newly spacious and lovely reception/waiting area has taken on a new lease of life and light since we had a wall bashed down on Sunday – as can be seen from the before and after pics below. Ta da!!

It’s no secret that we’re very good at transformations at Lara Lashes! Our lash

miracles are achieved in just an hour or two, and these of course, are the ones that make us proudest of all.

If you’ve never had individual eyelash extensions applied before, you would be astonished to see the difference they can make. A half set takes just an hour and a full set two hours, but the self-confidence and beauty boost this can give is immeasurable.

The impact of an expertly applied set of semi-permanent eyelash extensions ranges from the beautifully subtle to the daring and dramatic, depending on the occasion and the client’s preference. Our experienced and professional eyelash stylists take great pride in their work and take pleasure in working with clients to achieve exactly the look they love.

Make an appointment soon and we promise to show you both the new salon and the new you!


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