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Updated: May 29, 2022

At Lara Lashes we’re proud to say that our individually applied eyelash extensions need little introduction and are more popular than ever - but have you also heard about the exciting alternative eyelash enhancement service, the LASH LIFT?

Want to Lengthen, Volumise and Lift your lashes? Well that is exactly what this innovative and highly effective eyelash service promises to deliver. If you have medium to long, but very straight, pale or downward-sweeping lashes - or are interested in a lower-maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions - look no further. The Lash Lift can offer you the perfect solution – perfect lashes and perfect peepers! – so do read on.

Just in case you might have tried eyelash curling or perming in the past, we need to set the record straight. Eyelash curling should not be confused in any way with as Lash Lift, which offers an utterly new and different approach and gives spectacularly better results!

There are four basic steps to the Lash Lift, which come together quite beautifully to give a longer, lusher look to your eyelashes:

· Lengthening - the natural lashes are gently extended outwards from the roots to give the appearance of extra length

· Lifting - using a unique and revolutionary silicon pad technique, the lashes are lifted and moulded to add volume and density.

· Tinting - pale, barely-there eyelashes are darkened to instantly become more visible

· Moisturising – last but not least, your newly gorgeous lashes are treated to a nourishing serum.

Remember! With the Lash Lift, the lashes are not curled and shortened but, crucially, lengthened and lifted, so they appear both longer and thicker. Yours, only better!

There are three curl options to choose from, depending upon the length of your lashes and the silicon shield chosen – large for a gentle curl, medium for just that, and small for a more dramatic look.

The Lash Lift treatment costs £60, takes one hour and will last up to six weeks. As lashes gradually fall out they will be replaced with new ones as part of the natural growth cycle and the lift will gradually fade , so no infills or touch-ups required – although we can’t promise you won’t want to come back anyway for more of the same. Knock-out lashes, whether eye-catching extensions or Lash Lift miracles – can be seriously addictive!!

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