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The new and exciting Hybrid technique combines both these lash application techniques in one set of lashes, hence the term ‘hybrid’, giving clients and Lash Stylists alike the freedom to create a truly individual and bespoke lash style without the uniformity of either Individual or Russian Volume lashes.
A typical method for the application of Hybrid lashes is to create a framework of individual lashes and then fill in the gaps with Russian volume eyelash extension fans, to achieve a non-uniform, textured look with a density somewhere in the middle of the two styles.
Perhaps the best aspect of the Hybrid lash technique is its infinite flexibility. One can opt for a 50/50 balance between Individual and Russian Volume lashes but for a more classic look a few more Individual lashes than Russian might be applied, or perhaps a few more Volume lashes than Individual for a little more drama. Light and feathery lashes, a gorgeous thick, full and glam look or a winsome combination of both – you choose!

hybrid lashes - Lara Lashes
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