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A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Lashes

You’re getting married this year, you’ve booked the venue, chosen the menu, bought a stunning wedding dress and are still trawling London for the perfect shoes. Because on this, your very special, day, you want to look and feel your best and every little detail is important – dress, shoes, flowers, nails, hair, make-up and yes, eyelashes!

If you’re thinking about Eyelash Extensions or LVL for your wedding, this is another decision best made in advance and not left to the last minute! What most brides want on their wedding day is to look like themselves, only better, and that takes planning.

Which is where the Lara Lashes quick, step by step, brides’ guide comes in:

1. Even if you’ve had your lashes done before, you may want something different or special for your wedding day. If you plan any changes it makes sense to book a trial well ahead so any tweaks can be made before the big day. Many brides choose to book a lash trial just before their hen do, which makes a lot of sense from two points of view!

2. A trial is even more important if you’ve never had your lashes done before. A friend might have had a full set of lashes for her wedding, but a half set, giving definition while still looking soft and natural, might be best for you. Or perhaps you’re looking for a little more volume and pizazz now it’s your turn? It all depends on your own individual style.

3. Eyelash extensions vary in length, thickness and curl to suit all lash types and lash looks, so all things are possible! A bespoke look is what we specialise in.

4. The density of lashes applied also varies, ranging from the one-on-one coverage of a full set (100%) or half set (60%), to the multi-layered impact of the Russian Volume set, or the Hybrid full set in between. Decisions, decisions!

5, Last but not least, there’s lovely LVL – Length, Volume, Lift – where your own natural lashes are tinted and lifted to achieve an amazing difference in impact. Your natural lashes wil appear thicker and longer, and you can expect the effect to last from 4 to 6 weeks, gradually decreasing as the treated lashes are replaced by new natural growth.

And remember! Snap up the ideal times and dates for your trial and wedding eyelash appointments by booking well in advance – evening slots and Saturday appointment book up especially quickly!

Contact Lara Lashes now to make a booking or to ask anything at all! We are here to help.

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