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So what are Hybrid Lashes?

You’ve taken the first step and decided to have some lovely eyelash extensions …

… but which lash set?

Spoiled for choice? Baffled and bewildered? Whether you’re a lash newbie or a lash devotee with a yearn to try something different, our Lash Lexicon below is designed just for you …

From our much-loved, individual eyelash extensions, to our dense and lovely Russian Volume lashes - and now Hybrid eyelash extensions - the choice is yours!

So what is the difference?

Our original and ever-popular eyelash extension style, these eyelash extensions are applied individually to the natural eyelashes, one on one, either as a Full Set (100% coverage of the natural lashes) or a Half Set (approximately 65% coverage). Either can look as natural or as dramatic as you choose - the difference lies in the density of lashes applied. A Full Set takes up to 2 hours to apply and will last up to 4 weeks, whereas a Half Set takes just an hour and will need to be infilled within 3 weeks.

In Russian Volume, a fan several individual eyelash extensions is applied to each individual natural eyelash. The lashes used for this very specialized process are superfine and superlight so anything from 2 to 6 lashes can be applied to a single natural lash without losing the comfort and lightness of a regular lash set. Russian Volume eyelash extensions give a gorgeous, full and feathery look - even for clients with sparse or unevenly spaced natural lashes.

The Hybrid technique uses two different lash application techniques in one set of lashes, hence the term ‘hybrid’, giving clients and Lash Stylists alike the freedom to create a truly individual and bespoke lash style. A typical technique is to make a framework of individual lashes and then fill in the gaps with Russian volume eyelash extensions, to achieve a more textured look with a density somewhere in the middle of the two styles.

Whether you choose the newest Hybrid lashes or your favourite Individual or Russian Volume set, quality is always a given at . We take pride in our lovely lashes and every set is applied with care and professionalism, using extensions of the appropriate length, thickness and curl to suit your own lashes and individual eye shape and to achieve the look you long for.

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